When your blog is your business, everything matters. You want it to function properly, be secure, have the latest features installed and work seemlessly. Always.

You want it stress-free because you’ve got other things to do, right? And you probably don’t have enough time for everything, so instead of focusing on what matters the most, you end up prioritizing.

We know what you have to deal with and we can help you. By getting our Website Maintenance Service you leave all the work of keeping your website up-to-date with us. It all happens in the background, so you can forget about maintenance stress once and for all.

And you may count on us every time you need a small fix on the blog or design a blog element – we will help you visualize your ideas and make them work for you.

Please choose your package and send us a note using the contact form below. Have questions? Send us a message, too. And click here to see some of the other services that we provide (Website Development, Pinterest & Tailwind Management, Social Media Management, Video Editing, SEO, Conversational Chatbot) and learn more about who we are.

You will love working with us 😊



Cover your basic needs and blog stress-free.

  • Cloud backups – daily
  • WordPress core updates
  • WordPress theme updates
  • Plugins updates – every two weeks
  • Security scan – monthly
  • Database cleanup – monthly


Push your blog sky high & brag about it.

  • Cloud backups – daily
  • WordPress core updates
  • WordPress theme updates
  • Plugins updates – weekly
  • Security scan – weekly
  • Database cleanup – weekly


  • Plugins optimization
  • Security optimization


Need a quick fix or design an element? Get an add-on.

  • Per hour basis
  • Design blog elements (logo, images, ads)
  • Fixing elements (styles, blocks, widgets, etc.)
  • Fixing a sitemap, recipe card, plugin or code
  • Creating/rearranging blog elements
  • Optimizing specific plugins (Yoast SEO, WP Rocket, Autoptimize, WP Fast Cache, etc.)

Want More?

If you need another service that you haven’t found in the packages or add-ons above, please include a note in your message below, and we will help you customize your package to include everything you need.

To find out more about us, other services that we provide and read our testimonials – click here.

Thank you.


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